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Iona Work Spaces: Our Launch!

We are excited to kick off Iona Work Spaces!

Located in Alhambra, California, in a quiet neighborhood on the border of South Pasadena, we are building a community of companies and co-workers who want to play together in our awesome space.

We are in an old brick building that has been redesigned with glass and steel interior walls and multiple skylights to let in tons of natural light. Our spaces are authentic and true to the history of the building, with tons of exposed brick, wood and concrete.

Each unit (or pod) is great for teams of approximately 1-7 people (and there are a couple larger pods that can accompany more), and each pod also has its own entrance so you can enhance your presence with your customers. Our pods are clustered around a cozy common "living room" where you can relax, give yourself a change of scene while you work, meet with people, or hold after-hours networking events.

We are also right next to a small park where you can step out and take a breather during the day.

Whether you are looking for a space for your team or just your own desk or space, come check us out!


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