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Iona Work Spaces Hosts Open House and Brethren Shoes Launch Party

We had an awesome combined open house and launch party for Brethren Shoes, our first partner company at Iona Work Spaces!

Brethren Shoes is a "buy-one & give-one" e-commerce platform for men to buy shoes. When you buy a pair of beautiful shoes (all are priced the same for just $66), you also automatically donate a pair (at no extra charge) to a brother in need through a homeless shelter right here in the U.S. Brethren members can earn Brethren Points that can go toward additional purchases and donations.

The launch party also featured the incredibly talented singer, Emmanuel Kelly.

We are thrilled and honored to have Brethren Shoes join the community here at Iona Work Spaces. Back in 1918, the first business to occupy our building was the H.M. Pease grocery store, owned by Frank Pease. He organized a drive to donate 1.5 million loaves of bread to the people of Alhambra during the Great Depression.

It's all about being a part of a community and giving back.

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