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Iona Members Spotlights!

Iona Work Spaces is a co-working community that not only offers its members a great place to work, but also promotes a co-working environment that encourages members to learn and help one another in their career and business pursuits. We are constantly updating this blog post, so keep an eye out for future member spotlights!

Member Spotlight- David Lowe

David Lowe

David’s startup company "Daines Analytics" is developing AI to analyze natural language in government contracts. The goal is to identify contracts suitable for small businesses to join forces and bid on, and to match-make those contracts with small businesses.

Member Spotlight- Siv Kouth

Align Design Studio is founded by interior designer, Siv Kouth whose love and fascination with beautiful spaces started at a young age. Realizing that the beauty in our surrounding is something that we can manifest with enough imagination and execution, she was determined to make this her life’s work. In many ways she considers herself to be a dreamer and a believer that we can all create our reality just by having a vision of what that is.

Interested in being a part of the Iona Community? Email us at or call us 213-534-6070.

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