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Michael McCollum

Mike is the owner of Iona Work Spaces in Alhambra.  He bought the building in 2015, and rehabbed it, carrying out extensive earthquake retrofitting and renovation, and then launched Iona Work Spaces in 2018.  A 2004 graduate of UCLA School of Law, he is also a practicing business attorney and enjoys providing legal counsel to small and mid-sized businesses.  He gets the most enjoyment out of working with local communities to revitalize and reposition under-utilized historic buildings and develop cultural and business opportunities. For example, he is currently serving as Vice President of the Alhambra Historical Society, exploring ways of bringing in new members and making local history relevant to younger generations.   

Neslly Herrera

Neslly is the Operations Manager and Community Manager at Iona Work Spaces, where she has worked with Mike since 2019. She currently handles all aspects of the Iona building’s facilities and operations, as well as member onboarding and member events within the space. She gets the most enjoyment out of creating meaningful connections between and opportunities for Iona members, as well as creating awesome community events.

Neslly Herrera Profile Picture
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